Find Out How a Former Neuromuscular Therapist Decided to Lose 37 Pounds After Seeing His Photo on Facebook!

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Maurice Goulet, a former neuromuscular therapist, who had worked with athletes and celebrities during his career, lost 37 pounds.

Having seen the effects of being overweight in many of his clients, Maurice knew he had to change his own habits when he realized that he was overweight himself.

Motivated by a Photograph

When Maurice’s teenage son posted a picture of his dad on Facebook, the condition of his body and health came into focus for Maurice.

He saw an overweight man and a son following in his father’s footsteps.

“I knew that I needed to be the example and then work with [my son],” said Maurice about his desire to lose weight.

“So this is what motivated me to get started and get back into shape, just plain feeling lousy just more than anything.”

How Maurice Lost the Weight

As a retired Neuromuscular Therapist who worked with athletes and celebrities, Maurice was already familiar with a lot of the literature on health and weight loss.

He says, “One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever received was that America doesn’t have a nutrition problem they have more of an over nutrition problem.”

“I basically began looking at what I was eating and I made the decision that I was going to now exchange what I was eating for things that would help me.

In my study’s that pretty much cuts it down.

exchanged my snacks. I exchanged the coffee with energy drinks instead of soda.

I made up my mind that another thing I had to do was eat more than what I was eating before.

Then I had to incorporate a different and more effective exercise program for myself.”

How Maurice Keeps the Weight Off

Keeping the weight off is about mindset for Maurice.

He says that a bowling ball was his best friend as far as weight loss was concerned.

He says, “In the morning I sit there and I lift that bowling ball and I realize that my first 16 pounds, that’s how much I lost.

It was heavy and it was putting a lot of weight on my back and then my joints.”

“That bowling ball was my motivation,” Maurice continues explaining.

“All I had to do was lose at least one bowling ball every month or two and I would feel a lot better.

So that got me going, I just keep realizing, because you lose a bowling ball you start going back.

Every time you go to the refrigerator and look what you’re eating you think about that bowling ball and realize what’s happening.”

Controlling Temptation

The strategy Maurice uses is to find healthy substitutions for tempting snacks.

He believes there are plenty of alternatives which are readily available.

“I gave up drinking Coke, diet soda and diet Mt. Dew,” Maurice says, giving an example of a substitution.

“I simply found an energy drink that had all the nutrients like Chromium, L-Carnitine and the things that were good for me.

It really didn’t take more than a day or two when I realized how much better I felt than just drinking something junk or especially junk foods.

I substituted with the snacks.”

“Snacks are one of the biggest changes I made and I found it right here in my local Albertson’s and just simply made decisions.

So when you find something you can substitute for what you had before then you can continue to eat and exercise is important.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous, it doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be consistent.”

Exercise and Working around Challenges

With bad knees, traditional, low-cost exercises like running or jogging were too difficult.

He says, “So I do some light walking and I do a lot of floor exercising using weight to build my abdominal region.”

“I have an incumbent trainer which is sort of a recliner like, and then a stair stepper.

I utilize just a regular bicycle, but I just make it consistent.

Weights have been the biggest thing to help me to build strength in my abdominal region.

Doing floor exercises with weights whether it be sit-ups or leg lifts or whatever, that’s been the biggest part to help me build strength.”

Current Healthy Eating Plan

Breakfast Maurice says he often has one cup of cooked oatmeal, a cold cereal like Cheerios and one boiled egg.

“Then probably about 10:00 in the morning,” Maurice says, “I’ll have another power fuel which may be a few peanuts, or it may be another hard boiled egg.

Then around lunchtime I’ll have a low-glycemic meal which could be anything from a Lean Cuisine Chicken Parmesan or anything that has the right balance.”

“Every two or three hours I’m putting something to work to keep the furnace burning.

I make sure I have enough of the Chromium and L-Carnitine, different nutrients that I believe have helped me over the last year to continue to burn sugar, burn fat, put everything where it’s supposed to be.”

Dinners consist of a protein and a vegetable.

“I just keep adding a vegetable regimen to my protein,” he says.

“I keep it balanced that way. I have different drinks that I take and I’ve got some great energy drinks that I do.

My coffee, I substitute a regular coffee and I buy coffee that has Chromium and L-Carnitine, Ginseng.”

Accommodating Family on a Different Diet

Maurice says, “As long as you eat together, it doesn’t have to be the same thing so that’s the biggest key because they know what I’m doing.”

“In the beginning it was difficult, but when they saw how much weight I lost and the comments I get from people in town wherever I go, they know it’s the reason.

I mean, it motivated my wife to go on a program.

She dropped over 20 pounds in the last five and a half months and she’s happy with it.”

Maurice is in the process of getting his 13 year old son to adopt a healthier eating program as well.

Maurice Talks about Overcoming Genetic Predisposition

Some people are genetically more likely to be overweight.

Maurice believes this is true, but he also believes people can change that outcome.

“I know I’m not going to ever be heavy again,” Maurice says about taking the effort to combat what he believes is his family’s genetic predisposition to being heavy.

“On my website the biggest change was you have to make a decision to get your life back.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

It’s sort of like an attitude of what do you want in life?

Is the food going to be your God or is the health and the experience that you have with your family way into your 70’s and 80’s more important?”

Would Maurice Have Done Anything Differently?

Other than more weight training exercise, Maurice would have listened more to other people about their experiences.

He says, “A lot of what I’ve learned I’ve learned from listening to other people, listening to people talk about changing your mind, learn to focus and these are the things that helped me get there is just making the decision to change.”

“I think I would have put more effort into helping other people because the reason I started my blog was to help people, because if I’m helping people it forces me to stay in the same position or get better.”

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