Former Marine Who Became a ‘Fat and Happy’ Business Coach Decides ‘Something Must Change’ and Goes On to Get Lean and Shredded By Losing 28 Pounds!”

  • BY David Frey

Five years ago, Tom Beal, a former marine decided to take control over what he put into his body and that led to a more than just a physical transformation.

Tom credits taking control over his body to boosting his self-confidence, self-esteem and more importantly, lets others know they can take control over their own lives.

Tom (5’11”) lost 28 pounds in 60 days.

He’s managed to stay close to his target weight for five years now.

The way Tom tells it, the success is rooted in treating yourself as valuable.

Changing the Man in the Mirror

Five years ago a breakup with his girlfriend at the time forced Tom to reassess how his life was going.

He knew things had to change.

“I looked in the mirror,” says Tom, “and I said, ‘That’s what must change.’

I grew up as a wrestler and had some success in recent years and had become what they termed fat and happy.

That emotional shake up caused me to focus on something that would take my mind off of the torment that I was going through.

It actually became the greater benefit of me taking control of my body, which also allowed me to take control of my mind and my life in the process.”

How Tom Lost the Weight

If he kept doing what he was already doing, Tom knew nothing would change.

So Tom decided to take control of what he put into his body.

“So immediately I cut all alcohol, sodas, all calories from liquids and I only drank water and herbal tea,” says Tom, who decided to eliminate those and other unhealthy items for sixty days.

During that time he stuck to fruits, vegetables and chicken.

Tom then limited his portions.

He says, “When I traveled the world, back with my old eating habits, I would have to order two meals because that would be about the equivalent of an American meal here, so I cut my portion sizes down dramatically.”

To lose weight and get healthy, Tom joined a 24-hour gym that was within walking distance of his house and he also purchased a mountain bike.

Tom says, “I had decided it was going to be a combination of running some local trails that were near my house, going to the gym and actually riding my bike to the gym and back and then riding my bike around town, hills, trails and things as well.

I figured those are some activities that I would do and I also made a commitment to get proper sleep.”

Tom also practiced daily fasting—nothing to eat after 7:00pm and minimal portions for breakfast.

How Tom Manages to Keep the Weight Off

Tom says he kept his goal weight for about three years, but he allowed himself to drink alcohol again, which he says gave him a beer gut.

For Tom, this was an opportunity to reassess what he was putting into his body.

“Ironically and now that I can observe it,” Tom says about reassessing alcohol.

“It’s a choice that I’m continuing again is that I cut out alcohol approximately 10 to 15 days ago.

That in and of itself combined with what I’ll talk about, an apple fast, allowed me to re-observe what I’m putting into my body and be more selective just with the food.

The eight pounds I dropped in the last 10 days to get me back to 170, which is close to what I was five years ago when I did the transformation, is literally not moving more, but just being observant of what I’m putting into my body.

That is the major key.”

Tom adds, “Obviously I do have a morning routine which allows me to get an hours’ worth of walking in in the morning.

Between that that’s really my only exercise, that and sex. So I could have a nice product called, ‘Walk and Sex and lose eight pounds in a week.’”

Mental Adjustments Made

In taking control of his diet and weight, Tom says it helped him in many other ways such as improving his self-esteem and self-control.

Taking control of his own life, shows others they can do the same thing.

“Showing myself what I could do also showed other people what they could do,” Tom says about the power of transforming himself.

“For me, making my transformation it put a ripple effect in place over the last five years.

That inspired them to step up and recognize they can do better was well.

What happens is when you take control of that your body externally changes, but now internally you become much more powerful, much more of a person who knows the self-control that you have and not just your body changes.

Pretty much your relationships with yourself and with others, your financial situation, in my case it got even better because I was able to assess what’s good for me and what’s not good for me and choosing, most of the time, what’s better for me than not.”

Controlling the Temptation to Eat the Wrong Foods

Tom gives an analogy of people being in summer and being in winter.

During the summer, they’re in control and choosing the right things for their body and their life.

During the winter, people are not firm in their beliefs and just go with the flow.

“I have had summers and winters during these five year periods.

Currently I’m in a summer,” Tom says. “I live in Boca Raton, Florida so I see Bugatti’s, Rolls Royce’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, my body is exactly that, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Bugatti, a Rolls Royce combined.

If we had those high dollar vehicles we wouldn’t be putting sugar water into the fuel tank, we would be putting in stuff that was good for it.

I have a little reminder on my calendar.

Every morning in my calendar and my iWatch tells me, ‘Respect your billion dollar body today.’

So that’s the first thing.

After my last appointment today my watch will show me every time I look it up, ‘Respect your billion dollar body today.’

When I wake up in the morning and I do my morning walk I set my intention that I am going to follow through with that.

I’m going to respect my billion dollar body today.

I’m going to properly hydrate it, ingest the proper liquid and foods that will give me that billion dollar energy that I need and I’m going to get proper sleep.”

Tom’s Healthy Eating Plan

“I wake up immediately and have a large glass of water.

I have a little protein shake that I make in the morning, shake it up, drink that,” Tom says, who adds that he goes for a walk after this.

“When I get home sometimes I don’t even eat breakfast.

Sometimes what I do I will bust open some yogurt and eat a yogurt, actually about seven tablespoons of yogurt as the max from one of those larger yogurt containers.”

Then for lunch generally I will have some chicken and more water along with Yerba Mate.

I drink a lot of Yerba Mate.

I gave up coffee, most sugar and alcohol by choice to fuel my billion dollar body.

Then for dinner, fortunately I eat whatever my girlfriend cooks, but fortunately she’s fit and most all the things we eat are fairly healthy.”

The meals that his girlfriend will cook usually consist of rice, beans, meat and a salad.

Sometimes dinner consists of fish, tacos and burritos.

Details of the Apple Fast

Tom mentioned getting his weight back on target using the apple fast.

He says, “So my apple fast, it’s not mine, I actually credit it to the person that I found it from who is Edgar Cayce.

He’s known as the Sleeping Prophet from the early 1900’s and would diagnose people with all sorts of illnesses.”

The fast is simple and something Tom says can be done over a weekend.

“Here’s the deal, you can drink as much water as you want and you can eat as many apples as you want for these three days.

Recently, less than two weeks ago I did it on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

I ate Friday evening with my kids.

I woke up Saturday morning and began drinking my water and eating apples.

Then I went all day Saturday, just water and apples.

All day Sunday water and apples and I went all day Monday water and apples.

At the end of the third evening it suggests that you take three tablespoons of olive oil and then you wake up the next day and begin eating.”

What Tom Would Do Differently

In keeping with his journey about being firm, centered and purposeful with what he puts into his body, Tom says, “What I would differently over my weight loss journey is not giving in to the peer pressure to begin drinking alcohol again.

I would have stayed strong with that multiple year decision that I had and that would have allowed me to remain fit and also remain more in control.

So over my five years I would look back and tell myself, you know what?

You’ve done it, you’ve stayed away from it for two years, there’s really no glory in going back to that.

Just stay firm on that and stay clear of mind and clear of health and don’t toxify your body with that.”

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